Playing Nice with Legal

In his article, “Playing Nice with Legal,” in the January 2013 issue of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, MMR Strategy’s President, Dr. Bruce Isaacson, uses a fictional cake mix as an example to outline best research practices in claim substantiation.

This article provides practical guidelines to help you make sure your substantiation can support your claims. It focuses on:

  • Claims involving consumer perceptions
  • Types of claims and burdens for substantiation
  • How to increase the likelihood that your claim is in compliance
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Asking the Right Questions: Optimizing Trademark Litigation Survey Design

In the October 2012 issue of Intellectual Property Magazine, MMR Strategy’s President, Dr. Bruce Isaacson, discusses the importance of question phrasing in trademark litigation surveys.

Relatively little has been written about how to phrase survey questions, a critical component of a litigation survey. A survey expert designing a litigation survey will likely spend many hours and much deep thought on this topic, and courts often look at question phrasing to see whether a survey is reliable and non-biased.

This article provides three practical guidelines and offers how-to advice for aiding experts in the proper design of survey questions, and can aid those who evaluate such surveys in determining whether the survey questions are likely to produce reliable data:

  • Survey questions must be written so they can be clearly understood by survey respondents.
  • Survey questions must be phrased to address the issues in dispute.
  • Survey questions must be phrased in a non-biased and non-leading manner.
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Why Online Surveys Can Be a Smart Choice in Intellectual Property Litigation

This white paper examines the pros and cons of a fast growing, court-accepted research method – online consumer surveys. Find out why they are quickly becoming the standard in certain IP cases.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate and evaluate the different modes of data gathering
  • Properly execute online research for litigation surveys
  • Ensure validation – an important consideration in litigation surveys
  • Decide which research mode is most appropriate for a Lanham Act survey

MaxDiff vs. Conjoint: Which is Better to Measure Consumer Preferences?

Marketers who design products, services, and ads need to know which features or elements customers prefer–which positioning is most effective, which price is optimal, and which features must be included.

A new and powerful methodology, called MaxDiff, can help answer this question. In this paper you will find out:

  • How other methods compare with MaxDiff
  • When and where to use MaxDiff
  • How you can use MaxDiff to rank highly diverse features and attributes from most preferred to least preferred
  • How to develop output that is easy to interpret

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