Claim Substantiation Consulting

MMR Strategy Group provides consulting services to substantiate claims made in advertising, packaging, and other types of marketing communications.


Claim substantiation surveys can provide a supporting foundation for advertising, packaging, and other promotional claims. MMR Strategy Group’s claim substantiation studies incorporate consulting services to leverage the results of the claim substantiation survey most effectively.

Our survey experts lead claim substantiation projects, and consult with clients on questions such as:

  • What questions should the claim substantiation survey address?

  • What claims are supported by the survey results?

  • What is the best way to phrase those claims?

  • What processes can keep the organization in compliance?


MMR Strategy Group manages our claim substantiation surveys in a manner that is highly interactive with our clients. Many of our claim substantiation projects involve organizational staff from a variety of functions, such as Legal, Marketing, Marketing Research, and Sales.


Before a project, our experts often interview key stakeholders to understand the context and needs for the claim substantiation project, and to focus the survey questionnaire on the topics of greatest interest. After the project, we often meet again with key stakeholders to discuss the results of the survey.


We extend our consulting philosophy to the report, as well. Our claim substantiation reports provide clear direction on claims that can be made. Our reports are written to also serve as trial-ready evidence if the need arises, and include a description of expert qualifications, supporting data, and related documentation.


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