Claim Substantiation

MMR Strategy Group provides surveys and consulting to substantiate claims made in advertising, packaging, and other types of marketing communications.


Claim substantiation helps companies comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s Policy Statement Regarding Advertising Substantiation, which requires that “… advertisers and ad agencies have a reasonable basis for advertising claims before they are disseminated.” MMR Strategy Group provides clients with claim substantiation research and consulting intended to make sure that claims made on ads, package labels, and other marketing communications are supported by data.


The standards for claim substantiation are different than the standards for commercial marketing research. MMR Strategy Group’s claim substantiation studies are designed to meet the stringent standards expected by courts and other authorities. Our reports have been used as evidence in a variety of legal venues.

Our survey experts provide surveys and consulting services, including the following:

  • Claim Substantiation Surveys: Our claim substantiation studies focus on claims involving attitudes and behaviors that can be measured with surveys. We design and implement surveys, conduct product use tests, perform statistical testing, and provide expert analysis designed to withstand potential challenges from competitors and to comply with regulatory standards.
  • Claim Substantiation Consulting: We provide research-driven guidance to help marketers, executives, and agencies make claims that comply with legal and regulatory guidelines, and avoid unsubstantiated claims.


Learn more about MMR Strategy Group’s substantial experience with claim substantiation by visiting our Resource Center.


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