False or Deceptive Advertising Surveys

MMR Strategy Group provides surveys to measure false or deceptive advertising.


A false advertising survey typically measures whether or not advertising, product packaging, or another form of marketplace communications provides a false or misleading message or representation. A false advertising survey may also measure how the communication influences purchasing decisions or other measures of materiality. MMR Strategy Group has extensive experience with false or deceptive advertising surveys.

Our survey experts may conduct false or deceptive advertising surveys to:


  • Determine the main messages conveyed by advertising, packaging, or other marketing communications.

  • Assess audiences’ beliefs arising from disputed promotional messages.

  • Measure the materiality of those impressions in affecting purchase decisions.


The measurements from a false or deceptive advertising survey can be compared against standard sources or past precedents to evaluate whether or not the degree of deception is sufficient to be considered substantial.


MMR Strategy Group also provides rebuttals and responses to false or deceptive advertising surveys.


Contact us to learn how MMR Strategy Group can help with your false or deceptive advertising survey.

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