Advertising, Packaging, and Communications Research

MMR Strategy Group provides research, analysis, and consulting to measure the appeal and effectiveness of advertisements, packaging, and other forms of marketing communications.

Our advertising and communications research studies help clients evaluate and improve aspects of advertising and marketing communications such as the following:


  • Ad Effectiveness: Ad effectiveness studies can measure the cognitive or emotional impact of an ad, such as whether or not the ad creates, strengthens, or changes awareness and attitudes. Using advanced analytic techniques, ad effectiveness studies can also identify the impact of an ad campaign on financial measures such as sales volume, price premium, and revenues.

  • Concept Testing: Concept tests measure the appeal of different concepts, and also determine whether or not customers are likely to buy a new product or service. Concept testing helps clients to identify the right concepts to pursue, and to focus development resources on the most promising concepts.

  • Copy Testing: Copy testing improves ads by measuring the overall appeal of the ad, identifying what specific components of an ad are most liked or disliked, and offering specific suggestions to refine and improve ad copy. Copy testing helps companies improve copy used in ads and other marketing communications.

  • Package Testing: Package testing measures the appeal and usability of packaging. Findings can help clients improve the copy and design of their packaging, or help clients develop more useful and more attractive packaging designs.


Whatever our clients need for their advertising and communications research, we use the most appropriate research and analysis tools for the job. MMR Strategy Group’s advertising effectiveness studies use a variety of research techniques. We conduct surveys, experiments, focus groups, or in-depth interviews (IDIs).


Contact us to learn how MMR Strategy Group can help you grow your business by testing ad concepts, copy, design, and packaging, or by measuring advertising effectiveness.


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