Brand Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage (A&U)

MMR Strategy Group conducts brand awareness, attitudes, and usage surveys to measure customer attitudes and usage behaviors for specific brands, categories, or markets.


Clients may refer to these studies as Awareness, Attitude, and Usage (AA&U) studies, Attitude and Usage (A&U) studies, or Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies. Whatever the name, the study should guide brand development and business growth by identifying opportunities to expand reach, attract new consumers, improve product positioning, and optimize product and service features.


A&U studies are related to tracking studies, which track these measures over time.

MMR Strategy Group’s brand awareness, attitude, and usage studies answer questions relating to issues such as the following:


  • Brand Awareness:  What percent of customers in our marketplace think of our brand without being prompted? What percent of customers have heard of our brand name when they see it?
  • Brand Attitudes:  What is our brand’s overall reputation in the minds of customers? How does their satisfaction with our brand compare with the competition? What customer needs are most and least satisfied?
  • Brand Usage:  What percent of the market buys our brand? How frequently do they buy it? How is our brand purchased? How do customers find information about our brand?


MMR Strategy Group starts our A&U studies by identifying a series of key variables, hypotheses, and questions that relate to customer attitudes and behaviors. Designed well, an A&U study should provide insights to identify marketplace opportunities.


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