Brand Extension and Growth Strategies

MMR Strategy Group conducts brand extension surveys to measure expectations and attitudes for potential brand extensions, as well as the impact that these extensions might have on the original brand.

Research on potential brand extensions can reduce the risk of a new product launch and improve the odds of success for a brand extension.


MMR Strategy Group’s brand extension surveys measure factors that influence the acceptance of brand extensions, such as:


  • Existing Attitudes: The attitudes that customers have toward the original brand and the brand extension.

  • Similarity: The perceived similarity between the original brand and the brand extension.

  • Reciprocal Effects: The potential impact of the extension on attitudes toward the original brand.


Our brand extension surveys help clients anticipate the likely response to the brand extension under consideration, and plan for the potential impacts that the brand extension might have on the original brand.


Contact us to learn how MMR Strategy Group can help you grow your business through brand extension research and consulting.

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