Brand Image (Equity, Loyalty, and Positioning)

MMR Strategy Group conducts surveys to measure brand image, including brand equity, brand loyalty, and brand positioning.

Our brand image research helps clients understand these important attitudinal measures:


  • Brand Image: The set of mental associations that describe how customers perceive a brand.
  • Brand Equity: The value of brand image associations, especially a brand’s core value proposition.
  • Brand Loyalty: The emotional attachment that customers feel for a brand, which makes them likely to purchase it repeatedly over time.
  • Brand Positioning: The way that customers perceive a brand in relation to competing brands in its marketplace.

Brand managers who understand the brand image, equity, loyalty, and positioning of their brand and their competitors’ brands can craft profitable brand strategies that create unique competitive advantages in the marketplace.

MMR Strategy Group’s brand image, equity, loyalty, and positioning studies help marketers optimize their marketing mix:


  • Product: Provide valuable product and service offerings with the most compelling features to satisfy a relevant customer need.
  • Price: Offer their products and services at the most profitable price.
  • Promotion: Determine the optimal media mix for sending the most persuasive marketing communications to the target audience.
  • Place: Provide products to customers through the most convenient distribution channels.


Contact us to learn how MMR Strategy Group can help you grow your brand through brand image, brand equity, brand loyalty, and brand positioning research.

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