Business-to-Business Research

MMR Strategy Group conducts surveys and qualitative research with business customers ranging from front-line workers to the executive suite.


MMR Strategy Group analyzes business-to-business (B2B) markets to identify opportunities and to develop strategies for growth. Our B2B studies gather data from a wide variety of sources, such as interviews with managers, discussions with customer-facing staff, surveys of customers or channel partners, and our own analysis and expertise. We work collaboratively with our clients to leverage their industry experience during the study.


MMR Strategy Group’s studies have helped B2B clients to:


Several key elements make B2B research different from consumer research:


  • Reaching business respondents can be challenging. This is especially true if the business respondents have specialized expertise. For example, it is easier to reach restaurant customers than to reach the operators who manage those restaurants.
  • Business markets often lack syndicated data. Business markets often lack pre-existing data, such as scanner data, sales data, or market share data. Often, B2B research requires that researchers use a combination of existing sources and educated estimates to measure basic information, such as market shares.
  • Organizational purchase processes are often complex. For most consumer products, the buyer is either an individual or perhaps a family unit for larger purchases. In contrast, many business products are bought by buyers that might include committees, or might require approval from other influencers within the organization.
  • Business markets may involve channel partners. Bringing a product to market often requires support from trade customers, such as distribution partners, retailers, or resellers. MMR Strategy Group’s B2B studies can evaluate the needs of trade customers, identifying product and service attributes that are most likely to generate support and purchases.


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