Brand Tracking

MMR Strategy Group conducts brand tracking surveys to measure changes in a brand and its marketplace over time.


Our tracking studies help clients to evaluate and improve their brand management performance over time. They can also help clients improve profitability by identifying high-potential opportunities to grow brands, target new customer segments, or develop new products or services.


Tracking studies also allow marketers to study changes in the customer market for their brands, such as increases and decreases in category usage, changes in customer needs, development of new customer segments, and changes in customer loyalty and retention over time.  

MMR Strategy Group’s tracking studies may address topics such as:


  • Brand Awareness and Usage: What percentage of customers have heard of our brand name? What is our brand’s market share or share of wallet?
  • Brand Image: What do customers think of our brand? How does that compare with the image of competitive brands?
  • Customer Loyalty and Retention: Do our customers feel loyal to our brand? What percent of our customers do we lose each period?
  • Customer Segments: What are the various customer segments in our category? What is the profitability or lifetime value (CLV) of each segment?
  • Advertising Effectiveness: What percentage of customers recall seeing our advertising? How persuasive is our ad campaign? What media and messages are most effective at driving awareness, purchase, and loyalty?


Contact us to learn how MMR Strategy Group can help you grow your brand and improve its profitability over the long-term, through brand tracking research.

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