The MMR Strategy Group Approach

At MMR Strategy Group, we have a unique approach to our research and consulting engagements. Our projects gather reliable data, and use that data to generate actionable insights that focus marketing and sales strategy on the best opportunities.

To do so, our projects typically involve four phases:

  1. We begin by talking with the client.
    We almost always start custom research projects by talking with management in a series of conversations or informal interviews. Through these discussions, we focus the scope of the engagement, gather data useful for the project, identify hypotheses that need testing, and establish a relationship and rapport that helps us to communicate findings later.
  3. We gather data from consumers and customers.
    We use a wide variety of methods to gather data. Often we use quantitative methods involving surveys, but we may also use qualitative methods, such as focus groups or in-depth interviews. We may also use informal methods, such as in-store and in-restaurant observations.
  5. We analyze the data.
    We use a wide variety of techniques to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Our methods for analyzing quantitative data range from crosstabs to more sophisticated statistical methods such as Proportional Marginal Variance Decomposition. No matter the method, data analysis is done collaboratively with the client’s input. This means that we share results before they are complete, gather feedback from the client, and then complete the analysis accordingly.
  7. We work with the client to jointly learn about and communicate the results.
      As a consulting firm, we work closely with clients to communicate the findings from our research projects. Our principals have experience in executive education, strategic planning, and facilitation. Our final reports tend to be interactive, often follow a workshop approach, and leveraged to translate findings into concrete marketplace actions that focus resources on the best opportunities for growth.


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