Customer Journey Maps

MMR Strategy Group develops Customer Journey Maps (CJM) that illustrate customer experiences when engaged in a purchase or when consuming a product or service.   Customer Journey Maps enable companies to see the entire customer experience from the customer’s perspective. They describe customers’ activities in their own words. CJMs may also display customers’ attitudes and emotions during each interaction with a company, or each step in their decision-making process.  
Customer Journey Maps can be used to establish a common vision across a company, and communicate to a variety of levels and functions, because they:
  • Identify key touch points where customers interact with the company.
  • Describe interactions or moments that are particularly important for the customer and the company.
  • Depict the customer’s emotions and experiences along the way, including the places where the customer’s journey with the company is more or less satisfying.
MMR Strategy Group can create Customer Journey Maps from multiple perspectives. For example, different CJMs may be developed for different customer segments. CJMs might also show different experiences for new versus long-term customers. To see a picture of a CJM, click here.   For additional information regarding Customer Journey Maps, click here.


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