Qualitative Insights

MMR Strategy Group conducts qualitative research and analysis to answer our clients’ research questions and help them improve their business performance.


Qualitative research is an important component of MMR Strategy Group’s research methods. Depending on the needs of each particular project, we might use exclusively qualitative research methods on some studies, and combine qualitative and quantitative methods on others. When combined, the qualitative component might be conducted before a survey, to help us develop hypotheses or refine variables for the questionnaire. Alternatively, the qualitative component might be performed after the survey, to add depth to the analysis or provide context for interpreting the results.


MMR Strategy Group uses a wide variety of qualitative research methods, including the following:

  • Focus Groups and Mini Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Ethnographic and Observational Research

Our qualitative research experience includes:

  • Helping a financial services company develop Customer Journey Maps that document the touch points and channels that consumers use to interact with the company.
  • Helping a healthcare provider gain a more comprehensive understanding of the clarity and effectiveness of its marketing materials.
  • Helping an appliance vendor improve the design of its questionnaire for a segmentation survey.
  • Helping a restaurant uncover the motivations of key customer segments.


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