Claim Substantiation Surveys

MMR Strategy Group provides surveys, expert testimony, and rebuttals to substantiate claims made in advertising, packaging, and other types of marketing communications.


Claim substantiation surveys help companies and advertising agencies comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s requirement that advertisers must have a reasonable basis for support before making promotional claims for their products or services.


A survey intended for claim substantiation must adhere to different standards and guidelines than other types of surveys. These standards address sourcing products, phrasing questions, validating surveys, analyzing data, reporting results, and many other aspects of claim substantiation surveys.


MMR Strategy Group is experienced with these standards, and our claim substantiation surveys are designed to follow guidance in sources such as the Standard Guide for Sensory Claim Substantiation by ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials).

Our survey experts have conducted claim substantiation surveys using a variety of modes, including:

  • Online Surveys: Claim substantiation surveys conducted with consumers and business respondents over the Internet.

  • Central Location Tests: Claim substantiation surveys conducted in a central location, typically a shopping mall or other professional interviewing facility.

  • In Home Use Tests: Claim substantiation surveys where respondents use a product in their homes under typical consumption conditions.


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