MMR Strategy Group’s Easy Concept Test™ Program

For marketers concerned about the cost, timing or complexity of testing, MMR Strategy Group’s Easy Concept Test™ program offers powerful testing to provide key measures quickly and inexpensively. We can test one or more concepts among your target consumers and deliver results within seven business days from receiving final concepts.


Concept and product testing provides powerful tools to improve products and services under development. Read more in our white paper, 10 Best Practices to Improve Your Product and Concept Tests. Testing allows marketers to:


  1. Determine which items under development have the greatest potential for success.

  3. Decide which features of a new product or service customers value most.

  5. Optimize pricing for new products and services under development.

Frequently asked questions for MMR Strategy’s Easy Concept Test™ Program:

  • How are concepts tested? Each concept is tested online among 200 respondents who are representative of the relevant marketplace. For example, concepts for consumer packaged goods may be tested among primary grocery shoppers, and financial services may be tested among decision makers for financial services.

  • What do you test? Most clients test 1 to 5 concepts in the same category, but we can test more if you wish. Each concept shows respondents a brief description of your product or service, a picture, and/or pricing information.

  • What measures will I receive? The questionnaire is standardized for maximum comparability across different concepts tested. The Easy Concept Test™ protocol gathers key measures, including:
    1. Purchase interest

    3. Anticipated purchase frequency and volume

    5. Value for the money

    7. Uniqueness, likeability, and believability

    9. Attribute ratings

    11. Category behaviors and demographics


  • How long does it take? We guarantee no more than seven business days from the time MMR has final concepts until the time you have your results.

  • What reporting will I receive? You will receive a summary report of findings with recommendations for next steps. We will also send you a set of data tabulations and a data file in standard format for no additional charge.

  • How much does it cost? Pricing is determined by how many concepts are tested and is highly competitive.


MMR Strategy’s Easy Concept Test™ program relies upon our 40 years of experience with concept and product testing. It is designed to provide key measures quickly and at low cost.


Contact us today to get started with your Easy Concept Test™.


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