Market Sizing

MMR Strategy Group conducts surveys and provides analysis to measure the sales and profit potential of new markets and new innovations.


Market sizing research and analysis provides clients with estimates for the size of a market, which might include the potential number of customers, sales volume, or sales revenue for a new market or very new product. We integrate consumer insights, market analysis, and industry experience to help clients uncover potential opportunities, assess their attractiveness, and develop marketing and sales plans for the new market or new product.

MMR Strategy Group’s market sizing research can provide estimates of:


  • Customers:  The number of customers who are likely to purchase a product or service.
  • Volume:  Sales quantity, or the number of units sold.
  • Revenue: The dollar amount of products sold.
  • Profit:  The unit or total profit margin of a product line, based on sales volume, revenue, and unit or marginal cost.

Our market sizing research has helped clients to:


  • Assess the sales or profit potential of new product markets or customer segments.
  • Identify product lines and customer segments that present attractive growth opportunities.
  • Specify competitive threats and develop strategic responses to those threats.
  • Develop exit strategies for private equity portfolio companies.

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