About MMR Strategy Group

MMR Strategy Group is a full-service market research-based consulting firm. We help our clients grow by leveraging customer insight to develop marketing and sales strategies. In order to support critical business decisions, we combine the data gathering capabilities of a research firm with the business analytics of a strategic consulting firm.   Our expertise includes custom research, litigation surveys and rebuttals, claim substantiation, and strategic planning and facilitation. MMR Strategy Group serves clients in several industries including consumer goods and services, restaurants and retail, financial and insurance services, legal, and private equity.

Why Clients Choose MMR Strategy Group

  • MMR Strategy Group is both a research firm and a consulting firm. As a research-based consulting firm, we offer the full service data gathering capabilities of a research firm, as well as the business analytics and value add of a strategy consulting firm.
  • MMR Strategy Group provides insight, not just data. We generate data about customers from qualitative and quantitative research methods, and then use this data to generate insight about marketplace opportunities.
  • MMR Strategy Group works collaboratively with clients. Custom research projects are almost always undertaken collaboratively with the client. We involve the client in the process of developing a research design, analyzing the data, and reporting the results. Most of our clients want the learning that comes from participating in the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting data.
  • MMR Strategy Group knows marketing and sales strategy. We have worked with companies to translate insight into effective business strategies for more than 35 years. Our project teams pair up experienced marketing researchers with business consultants, and strategic marketers. We understand marketing and sales strategy, and work with our clients to plan and focus their marketing and sales efforts.
  • MMR Strategy Group offers industry expertise and advanced analytics. We offer deep experience and expertise in the industries we service. Our senior-level professionals who design and manage our projects are experts in research design and analytics. Our staff includes doctoral-level researchers and experienced consultants and brand managers. In addition, our studies provide a wide range of analytical methods, from cross-tabs to advanced statistical methods.

The MMR Strategy Group Approach

We have a unique approach to our research and consulting engagements. Our projects gather reliable data, and use that data to generate actionable insights that focus marketing and sales strategy on the best opportunities. Read about our four phase process.

Our Leadership Team

MMR Strategy Group’s staff includes experts in marketing research, strategic planning, and marketing and sales strategy.  Meet our team.

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