Marketing Research

How Consumer Insights Can Help You Gain Retail Support

One of the most powerful aspects of marketing research is how the consumer insights generated by research studies can result in greater retail support and distribution. In a number of projects, I have seen manufacturers share consumer insights with retail partners, leading to retail support for initiatives, such as new product launches, changes in brand positioning and new packaging, and additional presence in stores. Read More How Consumer Insights Can Help You Gain Retail Support

MaxDiff vs. Conjoint: Which is Better to Measure Consumer Preferences?

Marketers who design products, services, and ads need to know which features or elements customers prefer–which positioning is most effective, which price is optimal, and which features must be included.

A new and powerful methodology, called MaxDiff, can help answer this question. In this paper you will find out:

  • How other methods compare with MaxDiff
  • When and where to use MaxDiff
  • How you can use MaxDiff to rank highly diverse features and attributes from most preferred to least preferred
  • How to develop output that is easy to interpret

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Sizing the Potential of a New Market or New Product

New markets and new products provide the engine of growth for many companies.

When considering a possible new category or a potential new product, one of the most important tasks is estimating the size of the category or projecting possible demand for the new product.

This white paper discusses how to size a new product or a new market. You’ll learn how to:

  • Differentiate between products that are radically new versus incrementally new
  • Measure potential demand for a very new product using internal and external benchmarks
  • Project the size of a new market for a new product or a new service using syndicated and survey data

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10 Best Practices to Improve Your Concept & Product Tests

Testing new products and concepts, when done properly, can dramatically improve the odds of a successful launch for a new product or service.  This article cuts through the jargon and explains how concept tests and product tests work when done right.

You’ll learn:

  • How testing products and services can dramatically improve the odds of a successful launch
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and traps that can plague product tests and concept tests
  • Best practices for testing methods that incorporate the voice of the customer in development efforts
  • How to evaluate the results of product tests and concept tests

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